Green House Effect and Causes in Bd

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Table of Content Executive Summery Chapter # 1ABOUT GREEN HOUSE1.1: WHAT IS GREENHOUSE 1.2: HOW DOES GREEN HOUSE WORK | page23 | Chapter # 2: About GREEN HOUSE EFFECT2.1: what is green house effect2.2: causes of green house effect | 45,6 | Chapter # 3:GRREN HOUSE EFFECT AND BANGLADESH3.1: Green house effect & Bangladesh3.2: Green house effect causing the global warming in Bangladesh3.3: Green house effect in Bangladesh 3.4: some of the pictures of pollution of the environment that contributing in Green house effect | 778-1011 | Chapter # 4: THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT AND SOLUTION 4.1: how to reduce green house effect 4.2:…show more content…
The sun is much hotter than the Earth and it gives off rays of heat (radiation) that travel through the atmosphere and reach the Earth. The rays of the sun warm the Earth, and heat from the Earth then travels back into the atmosphere. The gases in the atmosphere stop some of the heat from escaping into space. These gases are called greenhouse gases and the natural process between the sun, the atmosphere and the Earth is called the 'Greenhouse Effect ', because it works the same way as a greenhouse. The windows of a greenhouse play the same role as the gases in the atmosphere, keeping some of the heat inside the greenhouse There are two meanings of the term "greenhouse effect". There is a "natural" greenhouse effect that keeps the Earth 's climate warm and habitable. There is also the "man-made" greenhouse effect, which is the enhancement of Earth 's natural greenhouse effect by the addition of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels (mainly petroleum, coal, and natural gas). In order to understand how the greenhouse effect operates, we need to first understand "infrared radiation". Greenhouse gases trap some of the infrared radiation that escapes from the Earth, making the Earth warmer that it would otherwise be. We can think of greenhouse gases as sort of a "blanket" for infrared radiation-- it keeps the lower layers of the atmosphere warmer, and

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