Green Human Resource Practices : Barriers to implement Green HR Practices

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Green Human Resource Management Practices:Barriers to Implementation of Green Practices Ammaria Kanwal (11124009) Shaiza Nazir (11124025) Maaz Ayub (12233003)

Student GIFT University Gujranwala
GIFT Business School Supervised by: Muhammad Abid Awan
Lecturer GIFT University Gujranwala
(Research Paper)

We start this research project with the Holy name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, who bestowed us the ability & potential to accomplish this task & also gave us the command on this subject, which
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Green human resource management practices basically elaborated these two essential elements, friendly environment regarding green HR practice and presentation of knowledge capital. Green human resource management leads to environmental performance because these practices enhance the performance of the firm. These policies have environmental influences in work-related and private life-related behaviour (Muster and Schradar, 2011).
1.1 Rational of Study
Green human resource management is most important for organizations and industries. There are many researchers who support the green human resource management practices to be effective for the promotion of human capital which results in providing contribution towards organizational performance and competitive advantage (Boselie, 2001; Paauwe and Boselie, 2003).
In Asia some factors effect on the green human resource management practices such as lack of employees green training, quality of human resources, cost implications and management commitment. If all these factors works positively in Asia as well as in Europe than green HRM practices has significant impact on Organizations. “Human resource management practices are generally implemented with the strategic systems that are in line with the culture and business strategy (Boselie, 2001)’’.
The implementation of Green human resource management practices is the