Green Libraries are more than just Buildings

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In this review I have discussed Aulisio’s article that is “Green libraries are more than just a buildings”. Aulisio (2013) is an assistant professor in the Weinberg Memorial Library. He is the Evening Supervisor and Public Service Librarian. Author earned his BA from Bloomsburg University, his MS from Drexel and his MLA from the University of Pennsylvania. In this article, the author argues that a green library is something more than just the architecture. I agree with the author in the context of definition in which the author said that green library as any library that promotes sustainability through education, operation and outreach.
There few major issues presented by the author. That is the importance of learning about sustainability, incorporating sustainability into librarianship, library as a teaching tool and also sustainable operations and outreach. The first of this is the importance of learning about sustainability. The author come out with his own statement that sound he posit that a true green library is one that promotes sustainability by leading by example and attempts to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of academic librarianship. By engaging in these activities, librarians can support an ethical and academic mission of working within a sustainable lifestyle that will fully envelope their campus and beyond. According to United Nation (1987), Sustainability can be referring as meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the
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