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Green marketing can be defined as promotional strategy designed to promote product or services based on environmental factors or awareness. Green marketing is different from the “marketing.” Organisation involved in green marketing take decisions relating to the systems, policies and processes of the organisation`s products (Brueckner 2010). In simple words, green marketing promote sustainable consumption. It emphases consumer needs with an effort to improve the environmental attributes of products or services. Further than, products and services, green marketing also emphases on the companies` performance on environmental management. It also takes into consideration the management systems prevailing production and service facility and use…show more content…
When the car was introduced in the market, the marketers linked the car`s advertisement to environmentally conscious celebrities and causes. Some drivers have bought the car just because it is “Conspicuous Conservation” (Greenmarketing 2013).

Consumers are inspired to buy from organisations that are environmental friendly in the production and when these companies display the green logo on their product. For green marketing to be successful there are some steps which companies have to take into consideration. The 4Ps, that is the green marketing mix should be taken into consideration They are price, place, promotion and product. The green products must cater the needs of the consumer and at the same time offer social or environmental welfares. The price of the product should not be too expensive, whereby, the consumers cannot afford it.

Green marketing is a tool for promoting the environment for the future generation. Additionally, with the growing concern of ecological protection many consumers want to identify themselves with organisations that have green compliances. There is also a development for new market which is green market. Nevertheless, there are some barriers for green marketing and they, green marketers have to “face in markets and societies dominated by conventional growth- oriented mind sets” ( (Brueckner 2010).

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