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Abstract: This report analyses the integration of environmental issues into the marketing planning by marketers and the strategies adopted by them to market their products and services. This study emphasises that “Proactive green marketers” adopting a free market system in their values are the most genuine group in implementing green marketing voluntarily and seeking competitive advantage through environmental friendliness. The study further delves in to the green consumer segment and the usage of marketing mix tools by marketers. From a marketing theory perspective, the logic of green marketing has been analysed by studying the relationships between marketing strategies and functions of a company. The results suggest
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ONGC is the greenest company followed by Reliance Industries. Also according to global enterprise survey Indian respondents scored over respondents from 10 other countries in expecting to pay 5% more for green technology and its benefits for the environment and return on investment(ROI) is proven.

Concept of Corporate Environmentalism and Greening of Strategic Marketing:

Wehrmeyer and Banerjee(1999) have analysed the greening of marketing strategies with implications for marketing theory and practice and further imply that strategic management process to the following conceptual framework of corporate environmentalism to analyse the hierarchy in strategic marketing.

From the above structure it follows that, for a firm the enterprise strategy is the most important level of strategy that drives other levels. Enterprise strategy deals with the relationship of the firm and its environment and consequently conceptualisation of teh organisational environment becomes crucial to the theory and practice of marketing strategy. Further it has been argued that the corporate environmentalism has far reaching possible consequences affecting the firm, customers, employees, as well as society in general.

Objectives of the study:

The purpose of this study is to analyse the need to integrate social values and environmental issues into marketing strategies and clarify its

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