Green Marketing - a Research Proposal

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Project FOX
Fad or Expedient? - Perceptions of Consumers and Organisations on Green Marketing.
Mieke van Kaam

a research proposal – 22 April 2012

Table of Contents 1. Background 3 2. Problem statement 3 3. Research objectives 4 4. The scope and limitations of the proposed research 4 5. Literature review 6 5.1. Green fever –A load of Greenwash or not. 6 5.2. How green can you go? 7 5.3. Lets collaborate! 7 5.4. Consumer evolution 8 6. Research plan 9 6.1. Description of research subjects and design 9 6.2. Sampling plan 9 6.3. Instruments 9 6.4. Procedures 9 7. Proposed methods for processing, analysing and interpreting data 11 7.1. Quantitative 11 7.2. Qualitative 11 8. Timeline 12 9. Potential
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* Accessibility of key managers in organisations. * Convenience sampling will be used to explore perceptions of consumers and the sample will not be representative of the population. * Judgement sampling will be used to explore the perceptions of business managers that are responsible for the implementation of green marketing processes or products in their organisations. Sample selection is based on researchers own judgement and may be biased. * Time constraint - there will only be one person conducting interviews. * Confidentiality clauses, unwillingness or inability to answer questions may lead to non-responses.

Literature review
Green fever –A load of Greenwash or not.
The one issue that comes up over and over again in all the literature is the question on how transparent green marketing really is in companies. Kotler et al.(2010) in Marketing 3.0, starts off his chapter on environmental sustainability with an introduction that states that companies have not really started to look at changing processes and products to support environmental sustainability, and those that did either did it because they felt obligated to do so - to avoid scrutiny from the public and to avoid brand dilution. The other companies saw it as an opportunity or a fad that they could use to their advantage.
In another source – Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (2006) he notes that people ask him regularly: “Why do so many people still believe that it (global warming)
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