Green Marketing or Greenwashing: Promoting Environmental Initiatives

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Module Name: Current Themes in Business
Dissertation Title: Green Marketing or Greenwashing: a critical review of organisational attitudes towards promotion of their environmental initiatives
Candidate Name: Ricky Sohal
Word Count: 4996 words

Since 1940 organisations have had addition pressure from the public to become more ethically aware and take more care of the environment. With this many companies saw an opportunity to exploit this using green marketing tactics to differentiate themselves from other companies with a unique selling point creating a competitive advantage. Some companies truly believed that they should be more environmentally friendly so they set up sustainable practices throughout their
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While this in itself is a positive outcome which could lead to sustainability, many companies have jumped upon the “green” bandwagon but have not been fully committed to the initiatives (Grant, 2007). By doing so these companies have wrongly been taking the benefits of having: increased brand loyalty, increases in stock share prices, a unique selling point, a higher selling price, the appearance of being an innovated company (Vaccaro, 2009). These benefits give that company a competitive advantage which is undeserved. This is strongly unethical act to carry out and despite their being higher media coverage of this issue (such as articles in newspapers) many consumers remain unaware of the misconduct being carried out by these companies. It is also becoming increasingly more dangerous as it gives a lot of power to corporations and creates feelings of mistrust between consumers, organisations and the government.
Purpose/significance of study
The purpose of this study is to inform consumers/investors of how they could be possibly manipulated by companies into thinking that they are supporting a sustainable/green friendly company. Companies have promised to make improvements that are supposedly “green” and received great amounts of publicity and been able to charge extortionate prices but have failed to produce results and meet consumer
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