Green Marks Is An Engineering And Construction Company

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1. About us Green Marks is an engineering and construction company established in 2014. Our Company provides an experienced and motivated team. Our team includes members who are greatly experienced in MEP specialty and sustainable green buildings that comply with up-to-date market demands and standards. Our Mission As a part of our mission, we strive to maintain exceptionally high standards for engineering, construction, and environmental protection, while remaining committed to delivering quality projects within budget and schedule to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our Vision Our vision is to capitalize on our experience in the market and enhance our capabilities by working on strategic projects, along with applying our…show more content…
1. Contract Only few of project team members other than the project manager reads and understands the contract content and its terms and conditions, this adversely affects the project during the flow of construction works. Moreover, the engineer under pressure and in the peak time might execute many works which are not related to the contract and do not comply with requirements of codes and standards mentioned in the contract. Green marks has the ability to address deeply full study of projects contract and provides brief report to understand and highlight main items, terms and conditions. 2. Scope of Work The major and most important document in each project is the scope of work, SOW is the area in an agreement where the work to be performed is described. Green Marks specialists have an in-depth understanding of the importance of SOW and the ability to study it, to analyze it, and to make sure the project specifications and all other deliverables are in line with the scope, by describing in brief report the background of the project and its general objectives. 3. Design Stage One of the most essential and critical stages is the design stage. This stage defines cost and milestones. If design is not monitored to meet contract and end user requirements it might end with big losses for the contractor and clients as well. Green marks saves project budget by: • Controlling the design and reviewing it to meet contract and end user requirements •
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