Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Keurig Coffee Case Analysis

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Project Name | Iacoboni’s Coffee Shop | Project Number | | Project Manager | Maria Muncy | Prioritization | | Owner(s) | Maria Muncy | Start Date: | 7/22/2013 | Scheduled Completion Date: | |

Mission/ Purpose | What is your project going to accomplish? How does this project relate to overall goals and objectives of the company? It is part of a program or larger project? The project will create a place for children to come and enjoy their time while the parents can enjoy a cup of coffee and work. We want to make the coffee shop an environment for everyone to come to and enjoy. | | SOW | What will this project create? What is the product of the project? At a high level, how do you plan on doing the work of the project?
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We would have to change the menu a little to add some things children would like to drink and eat. This is a business reason because we want more people to set in our shop to have their coffee. | | Project Manager and Stakeholders | Who will lead this project? Who are the major stakeholders? Maria Muncy and the lead contractor will lead the project. The customers are the major stakeholders. | | Milestones | What are the key milestone dates associated with the project?Our business needs to have this project done as soon as possible so August 1, 3013 start, November 1, 2013 half way there and February 1, 2013 project complete. | Budget | What is the order-of-magnitude budget for this project? The budget for this project will be 1.2 million being paid, half at the half way point and the other half at the end of the project. | | | User Acceptance Criteria/Quality | What are the minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders? People will think that the coffee shop is too loud and crowded. | High-Level Project Assumptions | What are the assumptions on which the project is based?The assumptions are people will be happier and the business will do better. | High-Level Project Constraints | What are the major limiting factors that affect the project?Some of the limiting factors are room, time and money. | Exclusions and Boundaries | What are the boundaries of the project? What is to be included and what is to be excluded from
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