Green Mountain

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GREEN MOUNTAIN CAMP: ITS MORE THAN A SUMMER JOB Case Summary: Nick and Carol Randall purchased Green Mountain Camp in Vermont to live out their dream of raising their two boys in a summer camp. But the camp was not all that it seemed to be, and it took extensive repair work to bring the physical facilities up to code. Now Nick and Carol are faced with a more daunting task hiring new employees. They want to hire people who will be motivated to stay with the job for more than one summer, and although they cant offer much in the way of salaries and benefits, they are promising their new employees a welcoming positive atmosphere with opportunities for forming new camp programs, social time, and more comfortable accommodations. so Candidates…show more content…
This will lead counselors to perceive their jobs as meaningful, and they will want to come back the following year. Listening to what the employees want is a big part to design motivating jobs for camp staff. These things could include making the working place and enjoyable environment to work in. Making the employees feel welcome and appreciated in their job. Giving the employees recognition when and where it is deserved 2. What needs might they be able to fill for camp staff? Suggested Response: The camp may be able to satisfy all of both Maslows and McClellands needs for their employees, especially if they focus on helping employees to develop and The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Chapter 13 - Motivating for Performance grow into and beyond their roles. By improving the campgrounds they are going to meet safety and security needs. The counselors will meet other counselors, which will address social and affiliation needs. The counselors will be given permission to make decisions about how their work is done, which will fill power and ego needs, and finally, the counselors will grow and develop in their jobs, which will fulfill self-actualization and achievement needs. Additional The Randall’s should be able to fill the needs for camp staff. The needs could include safety and security in the workplace,
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