Green Mountain Resort Case Study Essays

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Green Mountain Resort Case Study

Benjamin L. Martinez

Davenport University


Green Mountain Resort was initially constructed as an attractive amenity for home ownership in the Appalachians. Property owners received a membership to the resort and were offered a not only a home, but a lifestyle. The problem with this strategy was that Green Mountain was made for buyers and not vacationers. As it had happened with other developments in the past similar to Green Mountain, the fear that once there were no homes there would be no more buyers and the resort would eventually lose its appeal and go out of business. After the investors decided to
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Since Green Mountain has an excellent reputation for the outstanding training they provide to employees, they decide to continue to do this and give opportunities to those waiting in line to start a career with this organization when other employees leave. With the first-rate training at Green Mountain, each employee will advance in their career and Gunter will still be able to provide high quality service to his customers amid a high turnover rate.
The hospitality literature plays the role of the navigator. “ In the navigator image, control is still seen as the heart of management action, although a variety of factors external to managers mean that while they may achieve some intended change outcomes, others will occur over which they have little control” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, pg. 27). The hospitality literature makes suggestions to reduce the effects of turnover; however it also states that the turnover problem is one that has to be endured. Because of this it is evident to see that the literature focuses more on dealing with and navigating the problem that will not go away.

The consultant played the role of the interpreter. “The interpreter image to managing change places the change manager in the position of creating meaning for other organizational members, helping them to make sense of various organizational events and actions” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, pg. 31). The consultant was able to perceive and present the problem to Gunter in a different light as

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