Green Networking Technologies And Solutions

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Green Networking Technologies And Solutions Student Name Course/Professor Date Introduction and Overview Enterprises the world over are constantly seeking out new ways to reduce costs, improve their operational efficiencies and create good will in the marketplace. Increasingly, enterprises are achieving these objectives through reducing the energy usage and emissions associated with their information and technology or IT infrastructure. These IT related systems are often extreme energy using aspects of the enterprise by virtue of their always one attributes. Finding ways to improve an organization’s green operations involves improving the efficiency with which a corporation manages its network. This project works to…show more content…
So much of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure today involves networking technology hardware and software that it is virtually impossible to conceive of low carbon emissions without addressing the networking aspect of the infrastructure. Green networking in essence is just a reference to the principle of gaining a more efficient networking infrastructure that utilizes less energy. Broadly speaking, the only way to achieve green networking is build the concept of “energy-awareness” into the actual design of the network architecture before it is built out (Bianzino, Chaudet, Rossi & Rougier). Corporate managers that become hyper-sensitive to the energy profile of their organization can reduce energy usage simply by being more cognizant of how they manage the network. This research project explores these and related elements of the green networking concept in greater detail. Analysis and Discussion There are a variety of ways in which an enterprise can improve the efficiency of its networking infrastructure. Specifically, designing the network architecture and infrastructure from the outset to operate more efficiently is the optimal approach to take. The importance of addressing green networking imperatives this early in the planning and development stage of the networking effort is because the efficiency gains can not only reduce the energy usage and the total cost of ownership of the network but it can also reduce the initial costs of the network (Minoli).
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