Green Procurements And Managerial Decision Making

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GREEN PROCUREMENTS AND MANAGERIAL DECISION MAKING IN SUPPLY CHAIN ENVIRONMENTS: A REVIEW OF NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY APPROACH Research Background Establishing the context Increasingly, individuals, organizations and governments have become very concerned about the impacts of public procurement and utilizations of goods and services on the environment in particular and society as a whole. Regarding the scale, recent estimates suggest between 8-25 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries and 16 percent of European Union (EU) GDP being attributable to government purchases of goods and services (Alfonso et al 2005; OECD 2009 and cited in Brammer and walker, 2011). In spite of…show more content…
Even though research into green procurement is at the nascent stage, academics findings on green PSM practices is starting to appear (e.g. Zhu and Sarkis, 2007 and cited in Schoenherr et al, 2011). Research has so far addressed the perspectives of the economies of recycling and reclamation. Attention is now shifting to broader managerial concerns. Firms take a proactive approach if they view environmental PSM as an opportunity, while others that view it primarily as a cost related to compliance take the reactive approach. Understanding the trade-offs associated with taking a proactive versus reactive approach is limited (Handfield et al. 1997 and cited in Schoenherr et al, 2011, Bowen et al, 2001). But the foundation of sustainable management of the supply chains is the mindset of a company. As such the overall culture and leadership are important drivers to green SCM (Pagell and Wu, 2009; Holt and Gbobadian, 2009 as cited in Beske and Seuring, 2014). Furthermore, government regulations have changed over time, and the investigation of how PSM have responded and adapted to these changes provides an exciting new research area (Schoenherr et al, 2011, Min, and Galle, 2001 ). Stating the aims and outline This study aims at exploring the extent to which the evolution of green procurement practices influences managerial decisions making. Research Questions: 1. What is the role of
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