Green River Killer

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Terror in Washington State beginning in 1972 through as late as 2001 one man committed more serial murders than any other American killer. The bodies of prostitutes as young as 16 years old began showing up along the Green River banks. Gary Leon Ridgway was 16 when his life of crime began but it wasn’t until age 22 he began to make a career of it. In the 1980s and through the 1990s the Green River Killer dominated the news and police. Former Sheriff David Reichert stayed on the case from the beginning. It wasn’t until 2001 with the help of well preserved DNA from the 80s that police were able to put a name on the monster and begin giving justice to the families of the victims. In between 1982 and 1984 Ridgway said he killed 42 women while…show more content…
Another part of my plan was where I put the bodies of these women. Most of the time I took the women's jewelry and their clothes to get rid of any evidence and make them harder to identify. I placed most of the bodies in groups which I call "clusters." I did this because I wanted to keep track of all the women I killed. I liked to drive by the "clusters" around the county and think about the women I placed there. I usually used a landmark to remember a "cluster" and the women I placed there. Sometimes I killed and dumped a woman, intending to start a new "cluster," and never returned because I thought I might get caught putting more women there." (CSFAD) He was extremely organized with his murders and very meticulous to not get caught. He was interviewed by the Green River Task Force three times and his name and picture surfaced many times during the investigation. He even took a polygraph test and passed. He would frequently paint his truck so it would not look the same when he hunted for prostitutes. He would change his truck tires if he thought he drove to close to the crime scene. He did not keep any trophies but would instead leave them in the woman’s bathroom at his job for his co workers to find. He left gum wrappers and cigarette butts by the bodies even through he never smoked or chewed gum. He said that if a prostitute scratched him or ripped his clothes he would trim their nails. “When one victim badly scratched his arm, he disguised
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