Green Roof Essay

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The new California Academy of Sciences building features a contoured, vegetated roof bordered by a cantilevered steel canopy of glazed panels that include more than 55,000 photovoltaic cells. The cells are designed to generate approximately 5 percent of the building’s electricity needs.

Under One Green Roof

emy of Sciences’ new home, which is being referred to as the greenest museum in the world because of its undulating, 2.5 acre (1 ha) vegetated roof and a variety of other environmentally benign features, began with a few sweeping sketches made in green ink. The artist was Renzo Piano, the Pritzker Architecture Prize–winning founder of Renzo Piano Building Workshop, s.r.l., based in Paris and Genoa, Italy. The year was 1999, and
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tually, notes Don Young, the owner of D.R.

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Young Associates, of San Rafael, California, a Renzo Piano’s Original table leg structures: a re-creation of the old muconsultancy that served as the academy’s rep- Sketch for the ‘Living’ Roof seum’s African Hall to the northeast and a gift resentative during the design and construction shop and café to the northwest. The other legs of the new building. Moreover, none of the original facility’s consist of research, collections, and administration (rc&a) structures met the current universal access requirements, space to the southeast and southwest. Each of the table leg portions features 18 in. (457 mm) there was no consistent basement space connecting the various parts of the museum, and other aspects of the original thick cast-in-place concrete shear walls that are designed to facility were simply aging, deteriorating, and out of date, transfer lateral forces during seismic events. Similar shear walls are located in the basement space, which is two levels Young adds. Although the old academy buildings were demolished deep on the south side of the structure and one level deep on before September 2005, when ground was broken for the the north side, Chambers says. The building is supported on new structure, the replacement combines four key elements a shallow spread footing foundation system that ranges from square-shaped
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