Green Spaces And The City Of London

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London, full with people and skyscrapers. There is concrete everywhere you look. People would have gone crazy with concrete madness if there were not green spaces. Green spaces are essential for the city and humans living in the city. Without it, people in the city would have been serious ill or even dead because of the smog. So, it is very important that London cares for it 's green spaces. London is too big to be maintained by itself, that is why there are boroughs. Each borough maintains it own space. Of course, each of the boroughs has it 's own strategy. Two of the boroughs were particularly interesting, because of the biodiversity and the strategy of the borough to maintain and enhance green space.

The first borough is the City of London (as you can see above). There are many (somewhat tiny) green spaces in the City of London, that are scattered and divided by streets and tall buildings. The historic value of these green spaces is magnificent. Here were the first settlements of London around the Roman era. Some of the pieces of the City wall of the Roman Londonium still stand today. The City of London does not want to destroy such value, that is why the green spaces of the City of London are around those objects with historic value. Many offices and companies are located in the City of London, as well as restaurants and bars. The green spaces are mainly used by workers to rest after work or to relax and eat something in the break. Although, the non-humans are
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