Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter By Olga Khazan Summary

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Olga Khazan published the article, Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter on June 16th of 2015. Khazan provides factual information to support her intriguing title statement and is also successful in empowering readers to make a green change for our youth. Khazan first begins the article by sharing with the readers her childhood experience growing up in the industrial city of Los Angeles. She reported that nine percent of the asthma cases at her school were due to the intensity of traffic fumes produced by the five-hundred trucks per hour passing her elementary school campus. She continues on to say that air pollution is not just a contributor to asthma, but to many other medical issues. Although these statistics are not directly correlated to affecting a child's intelligence, it can be assumed that constant inhalation of toxic fumes can not be good for brain development. In order to further understand the wrath of these fumes on school children, I continued to study the topic and…show more content…
The article sequences from a personal story, to a review of research, to a quick accumulation of some good old knowledge about nature. She starts with photosynthesis, a process that has been beaten into our brains since third grade; plants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. This is increasingly crucial to humans in a time when carbon dioxide levels are skyrocketing. Khazan adds that carbon dioxide is not the only compound absorbed by the leafy green, but also noise. In the hectic ruckes which eneloops inner city-schools, plants may be utilized to absorb some of the obnoxious sound and therefor reduce stress on students attempting to focus on their timed algebra test. Bringing it around to after school time, the article finishes off with the importance of green space for a health living. Parks with beautiful forestry will bring the kids to put down their remotes and become healthy
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