Green Supply Chain

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1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Green Supply Chain Design 4. Green Supply Chain Benefits 5. Costs And Risks Of Green Supply Chain 6. Company which are Using Green Supply Chain In Middle East 7. LIPTON REINFORCES GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN 8. MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL USING GSC 9. CADBURY CHOCOLATE GOES GREEN WITH PURPLE 10. Conclusion
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The difficult task is to integrate industrial development and environmental management to mutually co-exist. The initial step is re-design the basic structure of the traditional supply chain to a green supply chain which is accommodated with the environmental management which is associated with the reductions in resource utilization and waste generation.

The Traditional supply chain is the process of transforming the raw materials to the final products and delivering it to the customer. In the traditional supply chain only the production of products from raw materials and the final product distribution is only defined and environmental factors are not taken into consideration. The traditional supply chain design and modeling are only concerned with the minimization number of stages in supply chain, distribution centers, inventory levels, number of product types in the inventory, buyer-supplier relationship.

Traditional one -way supply chain with no product recovery or re-use or remanufacture facilities.




The Extended or Green Supply Chain
The main objective of the extended supply chain is to take into consideration the environmental factors and evolution of manufacturing process from traditional to integrated environmental management (EM). The different stages in environmental management are problem solving,
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