Green Tax on Consumers Experiment

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This research is focusing on consumers such as individual household customers, small business, family business and large business. As the consumer’s population is so massive, the research focuses specifically on small and family businesses. Sampling makes sense because it takes segment of the population being investigated and the selection is based on probability which provides a chance for every element or individual to be selected, non-probability approach would not sit as some elements are more likely to be selected than others (Bryman, et al., 2011).Unlike a census where data are collected in relation to all units in an entire population, this is not feasible due to unavailability of resources such as time and funding.
The sampling technique to be used is simple probability sampling. This method is chosen due to the fact that it guarantees representations and gives each element a chance to be selected with the help of statistics. Simple probability sampling selects samples randomly from the sampling frame using random numbers and tables. Theoretically, simple probability sampling is the best technique to use bearing in mind that this is quantitative research approach, however, due to unavoidable reasons this method will not be used, instead convenience or availability non probability will be applied.

Sample size is determined by applying a…
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