Green Tea As A Treatment For Cancer

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In 2737 B.C., the day was pleasant as Emperor Shen Nung sat beneath a tree sipping hot water. The slight breeze rippled through the tree above him, sending twirling leaves cascading all around him. Sipping his tea, he noticed a leaf had fallen into it, changing the color slightly and giving the hot water a slightly bitter, yet refreshing taste (Nerz-Stormes). Whether or not this ledged depicting how tea was discovered is true, it sets the stage for the deep history and tradition that revolves around this world wide drink. Cultures that consume green tea have believed in its healing properties and treated it as both a beverage and a medicine for countless generations. Within these cultures, its common belief that green tea can increase longevity, treat diabetes, and even prevent cancer. The question that really got me interested in the direction of this topic was does green tea really have the ability to prevent or work as a treatment for cancer. Green tea has been a major part of Japanese cultures throughout history, both for leisure as well as medicine. There are people who devote their lives to learning The Way of Tea, a long ceremony that involves brewing and sharing tea with guests as well as appreciated nature. In recent years, some researchers aware of the correlation between Japanese culture and longevity started doing scientific research on its validity in terms of medicine. The antioxidants, specifically catchins, as well as the vitamins and potassium in green tea

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