Essay on Green Technology

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Green Technology INF 103 Computer Literacy Carolyn Hughes February 20, 2012 ABSTRACT There are many things in this world that are ever evolving in technology, from vehicles, television, cell phones, and even green technology. Some of us might not be too familiar with green; however, most people use green technology without even knowing the difference. The following will address questions concerning green technology. 1. What is green technology? 2. What advantages and disadvantages does green technology have? 3. What are the important focuses of green technology? 4. How can Green technology can be profitable? 5. What are the important facts about green technology? 6. What is the future of going green?…show more content…
Many focus points make technology like this sustainable”. How can Green technology can be profitable? According to (Schoof, 2012) Green Technology can be profitable. “The United Nation in a large institutional investors meeting at a conference stated climate change is a risk to avoid and also the opportunity to make good return on investments. The investors, who control more than $20 trillion worldwide, are looking at climate change from a business perspective even as Washington steers clear of the issue. Clean energy investments worldwide grew 5 percent in 2011 over 2010, despite financial turmoil in Europe and a wobbly economy in the U.S., according to a report released”. Global clean-energy investments reached $260 billion in 2011, about five times more than the $50 billion in 2005, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report. (Schoof, 2012). In the US, only 7% of green energy sources are used nationally. This was much higher 11 years ago. We have to invest more in this clean green energy technology. We can get it from green energy sources such as biomass, biodiesel, geothermal, solar, water and the wind. These are things we have all around us and all it takes is for someone to harness it instead of relying on traditional non-renewable means to produce energy. (Elise M., 2010) Schoof (2012) believes “Globally, solar attracted much more investment than
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