Green vs. Gray

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Q: What course concepts did you see in action? A: Throughout the semester we have been learning of ways that we can reduce our ecological footprint and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We have learned that the actions we take today will affect us tomorrow. If we take the time to take care of our earth, our quality of life can be improved. Recycling affects the species that live on the planet. For animals to thrive on our planet we must have a clean environment with little waste. Everyone has seen the pictures of the animals that experience deformities due to being stuck in plastic rings. Biodiversity is essential for the functioning and sustainability of an ecosystem. Different species play specific functions, and changes in species…show more content…
We need to keep doing our part by recycling and taking any extra action we can to keep our planet thriving. If we all do just a little bit, it can make a huge difference. As I mentioned earlier, the best thing we can do is educate the people we are surrounded by. The community needs to be aware of new programs in place to help prolong life on earth, sustainability. With education, everyone can learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The expansion of the program is really aimed at making it easier to do the right thing, recycle. Q: How can you educate others or raise awareness about this urban greening stewardship issue? A: The most efficient action I could take is to help spread the word to other students here at Temple. Temple has several initiatives in place to encourage waste minimization, including water bottle filling stations designed to reduce the use of disposable water bottles. In addition, Sodexo offers discounted coffee refills at all of its campus locations to those who bring a reusable coffee mug. There are plenty of reasons to engage in these activies because its beneficial for the business owner and the consumer. The business reduces their waste by handing out less plastic and the consumer receives a discount and helps reduce waste. Q: Speculate: what do you think the impact will be? A: The impact will be very beneficial. Expanding the program helps advance goals set forth in the university’s Climate Action Plan to
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