Greendale Case

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Introduction The new Greendale baseball stadium, with approximately 47,000 seats, is set to be built. The investors of the new stadium are now looking for well experienced construction companies who would be able to handle this fairly large project. The G&E Company has therefore prepared a bid to build this new stadium. The president of the G&E Company has made calculations that the company could net as much as $2 million if it manages to land this project. To be able to convince the investors of the Greendale stadium, the G&E Company has asked us to set up a well-developed project plan, which will contain vital information about the project, to be able to meet and even exceed the investors’ minimum requirements. The…show more content…
The final and vital deliverable is the completion of the new Greendale Stadium. 3. Milestones: a) Completion of the preparation b) Completion of the foundation c) Completion of the frame d) Completion of the roof e) Final inspection of the stadium 4. Technical requirements – Specialized materials, tools and machines that the G&E Company control within their internal organization. 5. Limits and exclusions – Sticking to the developed design and requirements of the project. Late changes in design will not be taken into consideration. 6. Reviews with customer – Inspection will be made by an external party. However, stakeholders are welcome during the inspection of the stadium. Project priorities SCOPE SCOPE QUALITY QUALITY TIME TIME COST COST The mission is to build the new Greendale Baseball Stadium while keeping the three investor’s requirements in mind. Since there is a penalty clause written into the contract, time is the major factor that we will have to consider. Therefore, the main focus of the project will be to complete the stadium preferably before or, latest, on the requested date. The quality of the stadium is also a vital factor since the stadium will undergo a final inspection from an external party. Emphasis will therefore lay on quality and meeting the minimum requirements of the final inspection. Since the project is originally planned to result in relatively high revenues, it is necessary to expect costs
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