Greenhill Community Center

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SUMMARYThe case, "Greenhill Community Center", depicted the dilemmas and crises that the new Executive Director, Leslie, had encountered after she got accepted as the new Executive Director of the Greenhill Community Center. She had an MBA degree, and she personally thought that she had enough experience in each area to manage all directors and staffs by using all she had learned from school. However, one year after she worked at Greenhill, she started felt frustrated and hopeless. Problems & ChallengesLeslie herselfLack of understanding current Greenhill situations. When Leslie hired by the trustees, she did not know and did not understand Greenhill's current situations. She just jumped right in and did what she felt was right for the…show more content…
DiversityLack of Racial diversityLeslie was not sure how committed they were. She was wondering do they know what would happen if we have other racial coming to the meeting? Staffs were more committed to the racial diversity than trustees. However, operationalizing it was another concern that Greenhill needed capable staffs to speak clients' language. It was also hard to handle racial diversity in each program and its processes. Multicultural training sessionThe quality was poor and some of the staffs even got defensive. SolutionsLeslie herselfFit in with the organizationBy just reading the case, it seems to me that Leslie did not really fit in with the organization. She just wanted to show people what she's capable of as an Executive Director by changing and deciding things that she felt needed to be changed. The first thing she should to do is trying to build relationships with everyone. Do not think we could build relationships with everyone right away. It needs time. Making changes would be bad ideas because Leslie is not using her credibility to make changes; she's using her role power to do so. Here is what Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman said from their streaming media article, "The First Rule for New Managers", "Don't try new things. Don't be different. Don't try to prove you are you. Be quiet, keep your head down, and certainly walk around and talk to people. Don't try to impress anybody to become part of the organization. At some point
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