Greenland Is The Suicide Capital Of The World

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Greenland is to be considered the suicide capital of the world. The government of Greenland states that one in five people have attempted suicide. Then other teachers will state that one in five people have attempted suicide. Which means that greenland has a bigger suicide rate than the government realizes. The people who commit suicide the most are teenagers. Some of most the people are boys 15 to 19. The reason most people kill them self in greenland is two reasons. Greenland does not receive enough sunlight. The other reason is that Greenland suicide rates are already high so it just a normal event in the area. There many ways that people have tried to commit suicide. Most common types of suicide are drowning, shocking yourself, jumping off a high building, hanging yourself.
Drowning oneself could be a very tough decision. In reality no one should ever actually kill them self for any cause. If you can find help, then find the help you need. Back to the classification of the paper. Drowning yourself is very simple. All the person has to do is go into a tub of water and fill your body with water. The person will start to lose all air inside there body and lose buoyancy. The problem with this is how to go about this self consciously. The body will want you live, it is a natural body function to survive. This is known as homeostasis. So some common ways to fight homeostasis are to change bricks or any other heavy objects to your feet and jump into a large amount of water. If

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