Greenland's Icy Island: Community, Population and Economy Essay

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Greenland: Independent Community Dependent Country The world offers a variety of landscapes to be explored and enjoyed. Among them there is this place located in the Arctic, the largest island (non-continent) in the world, but apparently the most inhospitable, Greenland. With a large percentage of ice that covers more of the 80 % of its territory, the North American located island and politically part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is home to around 57,000 inhabitants. The most known national dishes are the seal and whale. However, it is important to mention that although this type of meat is sold at very low prices, meat is not the main reason of interest of Greenland population. They prefer the skin of these animals because of their…show more content…
Until this moment Greenland is considered the first and only country that has abandoned the EU after it became a member of it. Although, Greenland is now has autonomous government, the "Queen's government in Denmark appoints a Rigsombudsmand (High commissioner) representing the Danish government and monarchy. As part of Denmark elects two representatives to the Danish Parliament." Basd (2012). Situation that will change in the future, allowing the island to be totally independent and become a state. However, this will take time because due to its location at the north of the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland temperatures are extremely low, fact that not only force most of its population to live in communal coastal areas (there is no right of ownership over the land ), but also to live mainly of the fishing industry. On the other hand, due to weather conditions, Greenland is a country that does not produce almost any product that could be exported. Isbosethesen (2008) mentioned that "in 2006 almost 50 % of Greenland’s export came from cold water shrimp and the rest from Greenland halibut and cod". According to CIA it is known that their "economy remains critically dependent on exports of shrimp and fish, income from resource exploration and extraction, and on a substantial subsidy from the Danish Government." Lack of resources to produce merchandise to export is the main cause of Greenland's untenable economy. For this reason, Greenland receives
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