Greenland's Icy Island: Community, Population and Economy Essay

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Greenland: Independent Community Dependent Country
The world offers a variety of landscapes to be explored and enjoyed. Among them there is this place located in the Arctic, the largest island (non-continent) in the world, but apparently the most inhospitable, Greenland. With a large percentage of ice that covers more of the 80 % of its territory, the North American located island and politically part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is home to around 57,000 inhabitants. The most known national dishes are the seal and whale. However, it is important to mention that although this type of meat is sold at very low prices, meat is not the main reason of interest of Greenland population. They prefer the skin of these animals because of their high vitamin content, even though, they have to pay a higher price.
For year the island was totally dependent. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the publication The World Factbook (2014) the first civilization in Greenland were the Vikings in "10th Century". After that time, Norwegians were the next who occupied a part of Greenland and when they noted that the Eastern part was uninhabited, the Danish responded immediately. The article Greenland in states that both countries agreed to submit the matter to the "Permanent Court of International Justice, which decided against Norway". At that point Greenland became part of the Denmark Kingdom and joined the European Community (EC), which is now named European…