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Greenpeace - Making the World a Better Place Greenpeace is an international organization dedicated to exposing environmental criminals and challenging government and corporations when they fail to live up to their mandate to safeguard our environment and future (Greenpeace International). The organization is made up of 2.8 million supporters world-wide, 250,000 being United States members, who promote different tactics in eliminating the destruction of our environment, including animals, forests, and humans beings. Three websites that introduce and detail the Greenpeace organization are , , Since all three of…show more content…
The most prominent are promoting informed debates about society’s environmental choices, using research, lobbying, and quiet diplomacy. They also use “high-profile, non-violent conflict to raise the level and quality of public debate” (Greenpeace International). By using these tactics, Greenpeace wants to project an image that their ways are non-violent and creative. One mission included, scaling the MV Ikan Altamira’s anchor in order to raise a banner containing the message “Stop Forced Trade” and a pictures of an ear of corn with an evil face. The ship was carrying 40,000 tons of genetically engineered and contaminated corn across the Mexican boarded in defiance of international agreements. A train carrying the same cargo was also intercepted by volunteers of the Greenpeace organization. The protesters stood in the middle of the train tracks with a large sign saying, “Stop Genetically Engineered Corn!” Another creative outlet the volunteers have used is dressing up as Exxon Tigers in front of the companies head quarters to demand action on climate-change. The most common tactic used on the actual site is providing pictures and video clips as evidence that illegal and/or environmentally destructive activities have taken place and have been witnessed. Videos of horrific images from the Gulf War are posted to show why Greenpeace is against war altogether. A documentary of the history of the Nuclear Power plant

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