Greet Hofstede`S Dimensions Essay

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Greet Hofstede`s cultural dimensions Hello everybody. My name is Elchin. Today I will talk about Greet Hofstede`s cultural dimensions. Every manager should have deep knowledge about culture because we live in globalization time. What is culture? Culture is a system of values, beliefs, and norms shared among a group of people. People`s culture affect the values in the workplace. That’s why management processes should be different according to cultures and according to the people from different cultures in the workplace. The most famous study about how culture relates to values in the workplace was conducted by Geert Hofstede. From 1967 to 1973 he did a long research among more than 1 million employees in IBM company. He identified 5…show more content…
Here, President Obama can freely walk on streets talk with ordinary people, give them autographs etc. France, Russia, China, Turkey are high power distance countries and most Eastern countries and Muslim countries are high power distance countries. Individualism and collectivism. In individualistic cultures people focus on their individual goals. Everyone looks after himself or herself. Every individual think about his or her own success and happiness. Every individual makes his or her choice. But it is the opposite in collectivist cultures. Individuals view themselves as the members of groups and think about their group, community and family needs and goals. For example we have a group assignment in our university. If someone does not work on assignment, student from individualistic culture would tell it to professor that he or she doesn’t do anything, doesn’t work on assignment. Because for him or for her individual goals and rights are more important. But in collectivist culture if one of the students doesn’t work on assignment, the group would support him or her. They would not tell it to professor because for the group members group goals are more important. Another example. In individualistic countries a person chooses his future wife. No one can tell anything to him because of his choice. But in collectivist countries parents choose or advice wifes for their children and that individuals agree with it because they believe it is the best way
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