Greeting Card Industry Market Analysis

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Birthdays, holidays, congratulations, thank you, weddings, sympathy, get well soon, or simply no reason at all. These are just a few of the multitudes of reasons and occasions for which one might decide to send a greeting card. The average person in the United States will receive 20 greeting cards per year, one-third of which are birthday related greetings (GCA). The American greeting card industry has been in existence since the late 1800’s and has involved into a highly profitable sector of the retail sales world consisting of countless competitors both big and small. As a whole, the United States card market is a $7.5 billion industry that has unfortunately seen flat to slightly declining growth over the past five years (USA…show more content…
Competitor Analysis Competition within the US Greeting Card Publishing Market is great. The two major companies in the market are Hallmark, the largest privately held company, and American Greetings, the largest publicly held company (“Greeting cards (SIC 2771)”). Smaller companies include CSS Industries Inc, Healthy Planet Products, Paraiso Publishers, Inc, Sellers Publishers, Inc, and a large number of privately-held publishers. The Greeting Card Association states that there are over 3000 Greeting Card Publishers in the United States (“The Greeting Card: General Facts”).
E-Greeting companies/ websites are among the largest indirect competition for the Greeting Card Publishing Market. Companies like Blue Mountain Arts launched websites to offer convenience for people who wanted the convenience of sending a greeting to people through the internet. While e-greetings are popular and convenient, websites now offer free e-greetings, leading to many founders of this industry to fold. Many of the greeting card publishers responded by adding e-greetings to their corporate websites. Florists are also indirect competition for greeting card publishers. The tradition of giving flowers for special occasions was established long before the mass publishing of greeting cards evolved. Off-shoots of the floral industry that also compete with Greeting cards are Cookie and Edible Bouquet companies and Candy companies. The craft industry is also an

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