Greetings Jack, Brady, Peter, Butch, Bart, Dennis, Paul;.

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Greetings Jack, Brady, Peter, Butch, Bart, Dennis, Paul;

Just over 1 year ago I voluntarily took over the organizational aspects of the Communion Service Team. I did not believe that my calling was to become the full Ministry Team Leader. However, I have apparently, by default, evolved into that position. At differing times, I have included many you in emails as I proceeded to organize and coordinate Communion servers. Today, because of the ongoing status of the Service Team, I believe it necessary to include all of you in this update of the team’s condition, and its effects on SLC into the coming summer months.

I will begin with my analysis of the present situation. After evaluating the prior year 's performance of the Communion
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With the Elders continually being overtaxed with duties, this slowly transitioned to recruited lay-men.

Criteria in hand, I developed a multiple-month strategy aimed at attracting new members. Past precedent and best practices with volunteers indicated that that simply putting out bulletin messages was not an effective recruitment tool. Thus, our team’s first step was the initiation of several face-to-face challenges to people we knew to consider the ministry. I believe this attempt failed due in part to most of the people that we knew were either already engaged in other ministries, or did not wish to join one.

The next phases included requesting the Small Group Ministry to alert their Group Leaders of the opportunity to serve the Church; both individually and/or as a small group. This was closely followed by a similar request to both the Men’s, Women’s, and High School /Middle School Youth ministries. I requested that if they were willing to get the word out to us to please make it an in-person and personal appeal at their meetings (again, because general “we need help” emails tend to be ineffective). I also made myself available to attend any event or presentation.

Small group ministries created a very nice write up. However, it eventually went out as an emailed notice. This yielded no recruits. When I unofficially polled a few group leaders at a later training event, no one recalled that

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