Greetings & Review : Letter

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Greetings & Review
- Write my name on the board and today’s date – so the students get themselves familiarize with the date in English but also for them to write their own name and date on their paper as well
- Use hand signals (clap my hand) to get the students to settle down and get their attention
- Greet the class by saying “Hello everyone!” and tell them to say “Hello” back to me

Class Arrangement:
- Have students sit down at their own assigned seats so I can familiarize myself with the student names. (They can move around as we are doing activities or group work.)
- Once I’m familiarize with their names they are allowed to change seats if they wish
- But if I found that students that are sitting together not learning but talking too much I will switch their seats so they are sitting further away from each other

Presentation of Objectives:
-Review last time’s material o Play the game “I spy” or say “I see” if they don’t understand what “I spy” means o Have students split into twos, within the pairs each student takes turn saying “I spy with my little eyes something [red/blue/etc.]” or they can say “I see something [red/blue/etc.]” that’s in the class and the other student try to guess the item that the other student is thinking about in English if they can. And if the student cannot say it in English they can just walk up to the item and point it out instead o I will go around to check to make sure they are doing it correctly

-Introduce today’s topic o Have
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