Greetings from Grozny

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Introduction. The film introduced the conflict escalation between Russia and Chechnya during the Second Chechen war in May 2002. The conflict between the two nations centered on independence and conquest. Culture marks the different perspectives of each nation about the war. The Chechens viewed the war as a political game, where they act as puns (Greetings from Grozny, 2002). Russians, on the other hand, viewed the war as a security operation, because they want to justify their occupations of Chechnya. Why do they want Chechnya? To fully understand the conflict, one must examine the cultural divisions among the Russians and Chechens, because it influenced the motives and tactics used during the war (Ho-Won Jeong, 2008). Importantly, the…show more content…
Importantly, Russians must notice the differences in the Chechens to understand their perspective, and express concern for their welfare.
Chechens used both contending and yielding techniques during both wars. They yearn for independence from Russia, yet they wish to unleash their resentment for what Russians put them through. Chechens view the wars as political games for promoting and electing Russian leaders. Also, they perceive Russians as unwilling to compromise, because they experience the negative consequences of the conflict. They face relative deprivation, since they contend with lack of basic needs and destroyed buildings. Thus, this leaves Chechens to utilize contending as an alternative, because their needs are not met. This leads them to occupy Russia during the second Chechen war and participate in retaliation against Russia.
Conclusion. Distrust between the Russians and Chechens widened the wedge between them. The Russians appear concerned about winning the conflict, rather than resolving it. This competitive mindset succeeds with individualistic pursuits but not with cross cultural interactions. It ignores the voice and concerns of the Chechens. Nevertheless, the Chechens share responsibility as well, because they started the attacks with the Russians during the start of the second Chechen war. The cultural voices from the past still impact the dynamic

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