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“Greg stop banging on the seat!” Greg stops knowing that his mom will get very stressed out if he doesn’t. Greg Baker is ten years old and the year is 1965 in New York City. Greg’s mom had insisted that Greg came with her to go shopping at Times Square so that he could get outside and enjoy the warm weather. “Why do I have to go?” Greg says. “Because I need you to try on the clothes to see if they fit you.” Greg’s mom replies.
They park a couple blocks away from Times Square, put coins in the meter so it reaches three hours, and started walking. Greg kept complaining until his mom said “I’ll get you Arby 's if you 're nice while trying on clothes.” Greg immediately stopped talking and continued to walk. Times Square is busy today and the streets are loaded with traffic. Greg and his mother start to walk down the street when Greg sees a toy shop he runs over to the window. He sees a remote controlled race car that goes ten miles per hour. “Mom, can I get this toy?” But Greg’s mom is nowhere to be seen. Greg realizes what has happened and starts to run through the crowd of people trying to find his mom. Greg is too little and can’t get through the people quick enough. He gives up and sits down outside the toy store window. Greg is now lost in three city blocks of space and has no sight of his mom.
All Greg can think about is what he’s going to do. He searches his mind and remembers what his mom said. “I’ll get you Arby’s if you’re nice while trying on clothes.”…

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