Greg Silver Analysis

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In this article the writer, Greg Silver, starts out by talking about a 25 year old waitress who has broken her arm, and has no insurance or money for the medical bills. Due to these reasons her arm healed on its own but healed crooked. This has caused it to be painful for her to hold a tray while working. She asked the writer what was she supposed to do. Greg Silver has been a primary care physician for 30 years now and he’s heard so many stories from Americans who don’t have insurance or the money for their medical bills, so they suffer in pain. “Even with the affordable care act we leave 28 million people without any coverage.” He talks about how we need a streamlined single-payer program that would provide universal coverage for everyone, “such as Rep. John Conyers’ House Resolution 676 and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Senate Bill 1804.”…show more content…
They could come up with a solution on how everyone could contribute at least a little bit and have it to where all of that money goes towards health insurance. This was they could raise enough money to cover everyone even for the people who can't afford it and don’t have the insurance they can still be covered too. The Government should go with the medicare for all and use the money they can to make sure everyone is
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