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International Marketing Strategy
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I. Executive Summary 3
II. List of Figures 4
III. List of Appendices 4 1. Introduction 5 2. About Greggs 5 3.1. The History 5 3.2. Greggs in Numbers 6 3.3. Greggs Foundation 6 3.4. SWOT-Analyse 7 3. PESTEL – Analyses 8 4.5. Australia 8 4.6. Canada 9 4.7. India 9 4.8. Ireland 10 4.9. PESTEL-Evaluation 11 4. Market Entrance Strategy Ireland 12 5. Marketing Mix 13 6. Conclusion 13 7. Bibliography 15 8. Appendix
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After it they expanded into the Midlands, Wales and North London.
Greggs produces and retails takeaway foods, e.g. sandwiches and fresh bakery food products. As well, they offer a range of healthy food with lower fat, calorie and salt quantities and a range of regional food.
Nowadays Greggs will be found at the High Streets, airports, shopping centres and place with a lot of public interest. All sandwiches are hand-made and fresh and have no sell-by date. Everything Greggs sell has its own recipe and all food will be fresh making in the stores. (Greggs, 2010, [Online])
“Our values are our commitment to the way we will treat each other. We aspire to be a company that everyone is proud to shop with, work for and do business with. Our values apply to all our stakeholders, including our customers, our people, our shareholders and our suppliers.” (Greggs, 2010, [Online])
2.2. Background Information
Today Greggs operates 1,400 stores, 10 regional bakeries, the savoury production centre, 2 distribution centres and 375 delivery vehicles and serves approximately six million customers each week. Greggs employ 19,000 people and want to add another 600 shops in the near future. Therefore 6,000 new jobs will be creating. These employees include 289 Master Bakers. The total sales increase from 2009 to 2010 is 2,9 %. The Greggs Foundation raises and distributes £ 10 million since it starts.
Vision: The company´s vision is to be Europe´s finest bakery-retailer.
Mission: The
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