Gregor Is A Type Of Creature

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Gregor is now a type of creature that to most people seem to have no real role in the world, and they seem more like unnecessary pests. However, he still must contemplate the restructuring of his life now considering his new physical state. Gregor eventually becomes alienated; he loses communication with his family, as is exemplified by the buzzing sound that replaces his voice, and loses his job. Gregor’s essence is now destroyed because he loses power; he cannot speak, and he cannot work. The fact that he loses his job plays a major role in his crisis because he has lost the once important role that he had acquired, the breadwinner. His transformed physical state as a bug makes him more of a pet, than a family member, his sister reserved a bowl specifically for his use (484); his state is not just that of a ‘clean’ bug, but rather a bug that by natural instinct prefers old, rotten food. Due to his physical state, Gregor’s family members distance themselves from him, even going as far as becoming uncontrollably impatient. His family grew more tired of Gregor’s new transformation and had no patience. After rejecting Gregor’s useless being his father demonstrates impatience through physical action, he “was throwing one apple after another,” (493) and eventually, “[one] penetrated into Gregor’s back. Kafka parallels this universal image of a human trying to get rid of a pest, with that of Gregor’s father trying to get rid of him, and it helps give the reader the
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