Gregor Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Kafka depicts Gregor Samsa through his room The story starts with the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, awaken as a “monstrous vermin” (27) in the morning. Although the descriptions of his metamorphosed body are given yet abstract. It depends on the reader’s imagination to visualize the image of Gregor. As Kafka has mentioned in his letter that “the insect cannot be drawn” (Bloom 49), readers cannot trust the portrayal of Gregor to depict his metamorphosed body. This essay argues that Kafka uses the illustration of Gregor’s room to represent his physical and mental stages of his metamorphosis. Each object in Gregor’s room is an imagery of his humanity. As Gregor’s transformation started “from uneasy dreams” (1) while sleeping, everything in his…show more content…
At the beginning, Kafka describes Gregor’s room as a “human being’s room” (1) as Gregor just find out his transformation from his dream. He is figuring out “What has happened to him” (1) as he is struggling to leave the room to work. Yet his transformation affects his physical body which leads to his mental confusion. “It occurred to him how simple it would all be if someone came to help him” (33) out with this situation. The least thing Gregor will do is to add burden to his family and others, but his transformation changes his behaviours. The independent Gregor is craving for help from his family and outsiders, doctor and locksmith to help him. In part two, as Gregor’s speech is intelligible to his family and lost his ability to work. The role of the family has gradually changed. Grete and Gregor’s mother have to do the housework and Gregor’s father has to get back to work, he became useless and a burden on his family. The physical transformation changed his routine as waiting to be fed by Grete together with his adjustment in taste. Grete realize this is the symbol of his adaptation to the “monstrous vermin,” (27) and help him by removing all the furniture in his room to give him more space to crawl. The empty room represent his lost all the humanities that he hold on and truly transformed into a vermin. At the end, Gregor’s physical body deteriorate by dates and
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