Gregor Mendel, Genetics Foundations

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Gregor Johann Mendel, Genetics Foundations

Thamana Haleem
James J. Cheetham
Oct. 5th ,2015

Introduction: I would like to nominee Gregor Johann Mendel for the "Carleton Prize for Biotechnology". Gregor Mendel is an Australian Scientist who has been credited for discovery of the science of genetics based on his experiments, breeding peas in the monastery garden at Brünn. He identified the basic genetic heredity of living organism and discovered genetic through an experiment in his garden, (Numbers, R. L. 2015). Gregor Mendel was born on July 20, 1882 in Heinsendorf Bei Odraua, a small village in Australia (Haas, L. F.1998). Mendel’s parent owned farms for
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He also helped other colleagues at his spare time (Jay, V.2001). In spite of all obstacles in life and many family issues, Mendel successfully graduated from the philosophy institute program in 1843, (Soudek, D. 1984). He continued his education and became a “monk”, then he went to St. Thomas Monastery in Brno to join Augustinian order (Soudek, D. 1984). He became well known among people as Gregor (Sorsby, A.1965). Being a master at Mendel’s time was the region cutlery center, so he got involved with people and educated them about religion (Sorsby, A.1965). He achieved the monastery wide victory and experimental possibility. In 1849 Mendel became depressed and tired of working with the community in Brno, then for a period of time he went to Znaim and worked as a teacher. At that time, he failed the exam to obtain teaching-certificate. In 1851 he joined the university of Vienna to continue master of science program. (Haas, L. F.1998) He also started studying mathematics and physics with Christian Doppler. He studied Botany with Christian Franz Unger, (Soudek, D. 1984). Franz was the person who used microscope during his studies. During this time Mendel has gained different experiences in his life, earned more respect from people, and become a well-known person (2006. PR). In 1868 he was elected as the head of the monastery for the school that he taught for years
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