Gregor's Transformation In The Metamorphosis

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The novella, The Metamorphosis, follows the transformation of a character into a vermin that is then an outcast from society and even from his family. Gregor’s transformation was used in order to further Gregor’s isolation and to show how society pushes away those that are different from the general population. The transformation that Gregor underwent was not an extreme change in his usual way of how he acted. Gregor was noted, by his parents, to have always been locked up in his room buried in his work showing that Gregor isolated himself from the rest of society along with his family. The transformation only furthered his isolation as he was further pushed away from his family, as no one would care for him as well as his boss running away…show more content…
Gregor’s sister, had once he underwent his transformation, took care of him by visiting to help him.But even Gregor’s sister eventually forgot about him and could no longer deal with Gregor in his new transformed state.Gregor’s sister completely forgot about Gregor and went on and underwent her own transformation to help fill the void of income that Gregor’s transformation left behind. Furthermore, when Gregor died his family did not really mourn for him or pay much attention to him but rather had the maid take Gregor’s body out and threw him away like trash. This revealed how little the family cared for Gregor after the transformation as he was no longer able to provide for them now that he had transformed and was no longer accepted into society or the workplace. The transformation that Gregor underwent had little change to the way he was as a character but does help to emphasize his character and the theme that society favors normality defined by the majority inside of it, and those outside of it are pushed even further away. Gregor’s transformation resulted in him being an outcast even to his family because he could no longer provide for them because of how he now looked resulting in him getting fired from his
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