Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters Analysis

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When considering art, paintings easily come into mind, however conflicts arises when considering photography. It lies in a standstill between being and artform and being something else entirely. With modern advances in technology, photography has become a “talentless” profession in the sense that it can be easily be created with the click of a single button. Therefore, the aesthetics of photography really an artform when it is captured at the “right” moment rather than being staged and given an artificial meaning. In the video Brief Encounters, Gregory Crewdson depicts multiple scenes that he claims to have artistic quality. He creates “objective documents” that replicate the reality in front of him (Wilson). These photographs are staged and virtual as they deviate from the natural events that once happened. It is here that Crewdson’s photography is seen as a “newcomer… [compared to the] long established forms of pictorial representation such as drawing and painting” (Wilson). This stance comes from the fact that not only were these photographs staged but also edited. The effect of this practice could be explained by the trend of society in conforming to perfection. This can be seen in portraiture, where some photographic portraits cause “moral violations [to] the subject’s right to control…show more content…
One can directly see the photograph without inferring or “make-believe” their own experiences into the photograph. However, it is the “automatism of photography” that calls into question the aesthetics of photography. A photograph can be created by anyone or by accident, therefore, would it still be called art? In painting and sculpture, the medium is crafted through talented individuals and given a more fulfilling experience. With photography, luck plays a vital role unless the artist can truthfully claim his or her talent created the art
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