Gregory Howard Williams' Life on the Color Line Essay

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Gregory Howard Williams' Life on the Color Line

Life on the Color Line is a powerful tale of a young man's struggle to reach adulthood, written by Gregory Howard Williams - one that emphasizes, by daily grapples with personal turmoil, the absurdity of race as a social invention. Williams describes in heart wrenching detail the privations he and his brother endured when they were forced to remove themselves from a life of White privilege in Virginia to one where survival in Muncie, Indiana meant learning quickly the cold hard facts of being Black in skin that appeared to be White. This powerful memoir is a testament to the potential love and determination that can be exhibited despite being on the cusp of a nation's racial
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and then continued to follow Carl and Gregory down the block chanting ?Nigger? would be an excellent example of blatant racism. Many other examples of blatant racism were found throughout the book, such as after the basketball game ?the fans threw rotten vegetables, popcorn boxes, and empty Coke cups at us. Then one group near the exit began chanting. ?Niggers!? ?Niggers!? Outside the stadium as we waited for the bus, a small crowd of boys shouted. ?Niggers go home!? (Williams, 220).

Discrimination is another key concern for the author as he is struggling to overcome poverty, racism and intolerance. Discrimination comes in many different forms and is defined by the textbook as being any behavior directed against persons because of their membership in a particular group. As a young man Williams experienced many acts of discrimination directed towards both himself and his family. For example, after fishing one evening Carl wanted a soda but couldn?t get one from the drive-in they were passing because ?blacks were barred from the drive-in like every down-town restaurant? (Williams, 225). Another example of discrimination appears in the text when Black students were unable to obtain teaching positions once they graduated from Ball State University because of the color of their skin.

Outgroup homogeneity bias is the tendency to assume that there is greater similarity among members of outgroups than among members of the

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