Greig's Work And Fatigue Analysis

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Since writing his paper Greig’s (2008) work has been citied 82 times across a range of different topics such as further aetiology, recovery and injury prevention (Opar et al. 2012; Dranganidis at el. 2015; Martyn et al. 2015) . Being citied so many times gives us an indication of how successful this experiment was as it is now the basis of many scholar’s information. Greig’s findings inspired himself along with others to further test this idea. The reliability of this experiment was increased by using SAFT, which is a multidirectional test requiring players to mimic the movement they use in a game with incorporating sharp change in directions, running around obstacles and therefore not running in a straight line on a treadmill similar to the…show more content…
I find this as an extremely important factor as it was found by Lord (2014) the dominant leg therefore usually the kicking leg in soccer had a higher fatigue response which make sense as when players change direction while running they usually rely on that dominate leg to stabilise that change (Williams 1985), whereas the non- dominate leg could produce greater forces while fatigued. Lord (2014) is suggesting that there is a significantly higher risk of injury to the dominant to the non- dominant leg in soccer…show more content…
(Varley et al. 2014) It seems obvious by allowing more player rotation you could decrease the fatigue within your players therefore lowering the risk of injury (Fortington et al. 2014). Fortington and other (2014) imply that players new to the professional game should only be used as interchanges players until they can fully cope and have experience with the demands of the sport, to delay or avoid injury. Could this be incorporated with youth teams to test the results before effecting the professional game? However on the other hand the limitations then build up with this ideas such as, how do we control the interchanges, will we be decreasing the intensity of games, and will it affect the global audience it receives? So there is one thing trying to decrease the level of injury but it would be best to do it by development of aetiology rather than changing the rules of a
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