Grendel Character Analysis Essay

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Grendel character analysis Terrorizing a town for 12 years Grendel kills countless men and woman in the epic of Beowulf. Banished to an underwater dwelling when descendants of Cain were banished and killed, many warriors faced him but few survived. Many have herd of Grendel and his tale of horror, but who is Grendel? Grendel is seen by other people in Beowulf as a monster and a fiend even before his name is mentioned the narrator refers to him as a “powerful monster, living down in the darkness” (line 1). But the most common thing that comes to mind when most people think of Grendel is fear, it’s what Herot did was fear him. The final opinion I gathered was one of respect, for Beowulf fights Grendel with no weapon or clothes because …show more content…
In Grendel and Beowulf one of his main traits is that he is only mean to those who do wrong to him or his family, also it shows his massive strength when he snaps the warriors neck in the fight scene in the battle in thee mead hall. Grendel stays alive for so long I feel due to his intelligence, showing it by only coming out in the night in both the book and both movies, also in Beowulf and Grendel, he hides when he hears Beowulf moving in the hall the first time he comes, also later in the movie he talks. In the thirteenth warrior thee wedels are smart enough to use the torches to scare the people and ride horses, and one of the biggest is that they use the bear pelts to make them look more scary and collect bodies after battle to not show there secret. In Beowulf and Grendel the movie he uses his intelligence to only target the one who smashed his father’s skull. The book shows him as having a developed intelligence when he only comes at night time and he always leaves before morning comes to
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