Grendel's Journey

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One day he was back at his cave, it was another solitary night for Grendel when suddenly, he commenced to here noises close, very proximate, and he mentally conceived, “this strepitous and ecstatic humans, are ecstatic and singing again”, but this time was only men verbalizing, so he cerebrated that he would wait until they go to slumber to assail again and kill some humans. So he waited he waited quiet and exasperated in his cave. Grendel felt no one understood him, that no one wanted to understand him, that he was solitary, that the only way of living he kenned was of a monster, he felt perplexed, of why men mere celebrating and jubilant when he was always alone and woeful. So time passed, and after Grendel culminated to drawn in his woefulness…show more content…
When he notice that he start to struggle with him but the man was too vigorous, and when he notice he had no chance to win him, he endeavored to flew away but the man didn’t let him go, and Grendel struggle bouncing from wall to wall and even, strike against tables and chairs to visually perceive if he could make the man to let him go but this didn’t transpired, the man was so vigorous and Grendel endeavored to elude so lamentable , that the vigor between both made the man to ripped off Grendel arm from his body, Grendel was in profoundly pain, but albeit his desires to get out of there were so lamentable, that he run even after he had loose his arm. So lamentably hurt, with an abundance of pain, we can verbalized virtually like a corps, he ambulated trembling and falling until he get to the swamp lake in front of his cave and with his last breath he get into the lake to died placidly in
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