Grey Case Study

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1. Analyze the Asian CRM market. What opportunities and threats could Grey WW-HK/China leverage to enhance its business model? The Asian CRM market was smaller but is growing and taking a shift into customer service due to technological advances in the Internet and E-Commerce. AMR research says it will be worth 16.8 billion in 2003. Asian companies have begun moving away from generalization model of marketing towards the specialization model. Companies are beginning to understand the importance of CRM because it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. Within the Asian Market, China is the main target because it is critical for growth due to its size and strategy. Opportunities…show more content…
* Grey can partner with CRM providers. By outsourcing this function, Grey will be able to maintain a focus on their business. This will allow Grey to enhance their business model while saving costs associated with implementing a CRM program. 3. Compare traditional customer service with CRM. What traditional business assets can Grey WW-HK/China rely on and how can it leverage them to capture e-marketing capabilities? Traditional customer service may have multiple customer databases or no database at all. Traditional customer service is based around the company, and used to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements in the short term. Interactions with customers are through only two channels, either on the phone or face to face. CRM is an integrated customer database that uses advanced technology to help build relationships beyond the capacity of traditional customer service. CRM has all the channels of a traditional customer service plus online channels available to interact with the customer. CRM is also built around the customer first, and not the company. Grey can rely on their customer database, technology, marketing knowledge and brand equity. They can leverage these traditional business
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