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Rare Gray Wolf Shot Down in Utah

A protected female gray wolf has been shot and killed in Utah by a hunter who claims to have mistaken it for a coyote. DNA tests conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have confirmed that it is the same wolf, which wore a radio collar, that had been previously spotted in the Grand Canyon in Arizona—the first gray wolf seen so far south in at least 70 years. After being slaughtered in the tens of thousands back in the 1920s and ‘30s, the species had never been seen south of Colorado until this female—named "Echo" in a student contest—had been spotted in Arizona in the fall of 2014.
The appearance of a grey thrilled wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists. An emblem of hope, a grey wolf wandering into Arizona—a place once densely populated with wolves before the 1900s culling—is a demonstration of how conservation efforts have succeeded in helping
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Fortunately, authorities are carrying out a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this scenario occurred, and to shift hunting laws accordingly. Robinson advocates for better education programs to help teach people what gray wolves look like and to understand the vital role these creatures play in biodiversity and phenomena like trophic cascades—that is, by controlling the population of its prey, a predator influences the population of its prey’s prey.
Gray Wolves
A gray wolf’s natural habitat is expansive. As long as there are plentiful food supplies of large herbivores like elk and deer, almost all regions can support this majestic and highly intelligent predator.
Wolves were hunted to the brink of extinction due to government bounties and prejudice from farmers. By the 1970s, only 5,500 grey wolves remained in the continental United States, and were no longer as widespread as they were at the turn of the
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