Grey's Anatomy, By Shonda Rhimes

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Grey’s Anatomy, created by Shonda Rhimes (first airing in 2005), is a television show that focuses not only on the journey of the protagonist, Meredith Grey, but also follows the other characters in their difficult path of becoming doctors in the surgical field (“About Grey’s Anatomy, n.d.). The television series takes place in a medical center formerly known as Seattle Grace Hospital, but over the course of the show is later changed to Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital (due to a merge) and then Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (“About Grey’s Anatomy”, n.d.). Grey’s Anatomy not only demonstrates the struggle of balancing a personal life as well a professional one among the cast, but also illustrates the difficult decisions and situations that they are faced with as medical practitioners. Through the difficult and life changing circumstances that the aspiring doctors overcome, many examples of Anatomy can be seen as a key factor integrated within the series. The venue, Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, incorporates many examples of Anatomy throughout the different cases as well as the surgeons themselves. For instance, each surgeon specializes in the different organ systems of the body; Cardiothoracic surgeon (Cristina Yang), Trauma surgeon (Owen Hunt), Pediatric surgeon (Arizona Robbins), Neurosurgeon (Derek Shepherd), Plastic surgeon (Mark Sloan), Orthopedic surgeon (Callie Torres) and the general surgeons (Miranda Bailey and Meredith Grey). This television series gives a glimpse

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