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A Successful Social Enterprise ETH/316 A Successful Social Enterprise Ethical issues can strengthen both people and the community. Businesses in the community will generate a much more loyal following if they behave in an ethical manner with regard to the community. In this paper I will describe the ethical issues and how those issues may be used in organizational and personal issues, and the association between legal and ethical issues shown in the film, Greyston Bakery. The bakery has operated since 1982 and employs convicted felons and homeless people. The company places the profits into a nonprofit foundation that benefits the entire community (CBS News, 2009). Film Summary The film is about Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New…show more content…
Secondary Issues The secondary issues are the community programs and employee benefits. The Greyston Foundation, where the profits are deposited, sponsors many social programs (Liberty Mutual, 2011). Childcare, computer classes, medical clinics, and housing are a few examples of the good work the foundation is doing. The foundation supports community programs such as housing, health care, and childcare (Liberty Mutual, 2010). In return the relationship with the community will always be supportive. Greyston Bakery is making the world a better place by acting as a role model for businesses to help communities be successful. External Social Pressures Pressures Relevant to Organizational Issues The original vision of the founder set the tone for the bakery’s organizational issues. The open hiring process is a pressure that the organization must deal with. The workers are hired as apprentices and placed on the brownie line. One-half of the workers quit in a relatively short span of time (CBS News, 2009). The high turnover rate could be reduced by instituting a background and reference check on each potential employee. This would reduce turnover rates, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. The company chooses not to do this and still makes a profit, but not as large a monetary profit as it could. The company sees profit in giving an individual the chance to succeed at employment, thereby succeeding in life.

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