Grid Connected Photovoltaic System With Single Stage Buck Boost Inverter

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 Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Single stage Buck-Boost Inverter Ch.Srinivas Reddy, Assistant Professor; Ranga Purushotham, Associate Professor; and P.Parthasaradi Reddy, Associate Professor Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus, Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad, India Abstract—for very high voltage gain of a Photo-Voltaic system, this paper proposed a buck-boost inverter of single stage. DCM (Discontinuous conduction mode) and MPPT (maximum power point tracking) is employed to get one power factor. Minimization of switching losses is employed with only two switches and operated at very high frequency. Easy control capability, optimum size, affordable cost with high voltage gain made the system employable. AC voltage conversion is achieved along with boosting of DC voltage of Photo-Voltaic system of inverter. Obstacle shadow variations also reduced by means of having the possibility of reduced series connected modules; this ability is due to the high voltage gain. Since the proposed design has the two buck boost converter each one operates for only one half cycle and the Discontinuous conduction mode operates at unit power factor. Simulation results assure the proposed idea of the single stage interleaved inverter for high voltage gain applications. Index Terms— Single Stage, Buck-Boost Inverter, Low-Cost, Grid-Connected, PV system, Simple-Control, DCM, MPPT. I. INTRODUCTION T HIS Reference [1] gives clear idea about the difference between single stage and two stage
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