Grief And Grief Of Grief

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Grief is a part of life that is simply unavoidable. People grieve over a multitude of different things. For instance, when one thinks of grief they often immediately think of death; that a person has to experience the loss of a loved one to understand and go through the grieving process. However, grief is defined as “deep sorrow,” so anything causing one to feel a deep sense of sadness can cause them to go through the grieving process. The process of grief consists of five stages. The first is denial, where one is surprised and shocked to the point of disbelief. The second stage is anger, where one is just mad that it happened in general. Then they enter the third stage of depression, where they are done being mad, but are instead incredibly sad and are having a hard time even functioning. The fourth stage is bargaining, where one grieves their own life and begins to bargain with God and question what they could have done differently. Finally they then reach the fifth and final stage which is acceptance, where one is able to think upon the event and have happy thoughts. I have experienced grief in my life already more than a couple of times, and all being due to different types of unfortunate events occurring. Though, I specifically remember going through every step in the grieving process after the death of my good friend Sam. When my best friend Jacob woke me up with a call to inform me that Sam was dead, I literally thought he was kidding. In my mind at the time there

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